Celebrating World Water Day with Harrow College Students

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To celebrate World Water Day we welcomed students from Harrow College to our Education Centre. We wanted to help students understand the management of water on a local, national and global scale and explain why the Southeast of England is classed a ‘water stressed’ area.

Science skills were learnt and put to the test! as the students learnt how to sample freshwater invertebrates and how they can be used as key indicators of the water quality in the environment.

Then we took the students to our water treatment works, to see first hand the rigorous process water taken from the environment goes through to provide wholesome drinking water to homes, schools and businesses.

The visits gave the students valuable learning experiences to help them in their college courses as well as learning about their own water habits. Several students pledged to take shorter showers and turn of the tap when brushing their teeth.

Sushmita Sen, a course leader from Harrow College said:

“How fortunate we are to have such a wonderful resource on our doorstep. An outstanding day, as always! Thank you Affinity Water.”

Hannah Battram, Education Services Manager said: “Helping young people understand why we need to value and protect our water resources is so important. It was great opportunity to celebrate World Water Day with the students from Harrow College!”

To learn more about World Water Day visit www.worldwaterday.org