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How do you explain to an 8 year old, or an 18 year old, the complex relationship that human beings have with their natural environment? And how this impacts our water supply? More importantly, how do you empower them to make positive changes in their water related behaviours?

The Environment Agency has deemed the Southeast of England to be a water stressed area. With a growing population and less predictable weather in the future, this situation is likely to get worse but we can all make positive changes, which collectively, can make a significant difference!

The Education Team are therefore excited to share some new, and free online educational resources – to support teachers and schools with curriculum linked resources about water! Whether you need some teacher fact sheets, posters for a display or a fully resourced water project for your students, you’ll be able to download it easily from our free online educational resources page.

Key Stage 2, can put their scientific investigation and geography skills to the test in ‘The Water Project’, whereas Key Stage 3 can test their science, geography and communication skills in the ‘Tapping into our Future Video Project’! Both projects are fully resourced with lesson plans and teaching materials – we know how busy teachers are so we’ve done the hard work for you!

Water Detectives logoThe Key Stage 2 Water Project kicks off with the ‘water detectives game’ –  a board game where students have to work out why the level of water in the aquifer is getting low and report back to the mayor! There are also a series of activities to help students learn about the water cycle, the water treatment cycle and how and why we need to measure the weather.  The students design their own experiment to measure rainfall, and use all of their new-found knowledge from the project to run a water saving campaign at school.

Key Stage 3 students can put their ambitions of being vlogging sensations and youtube celebrities to the test by taking part in a video project called “Tapping into our Future”! They have to think about how the UK’s water resources should be managed both now and in the future and answer the question “what would you like your ‘future water’ to be like?”  It’s a tough question but (with support) gets them thinking about what they would like their ‘future water’ to be like and reflect on their personal responsibility to make this happen. They will also consider the responsibility of others to care for future water resources on a local, national and international scale.