Keeping our youngsters safe near open water

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Summer is always a great time to explore the great outdoors or get out and about – a trip to the beach, a lake, or your local swimming pool for example? We all know just how much fun can be had, splashing about in cool, fresh water on a hot day. However, at times like this, we need to remember just how dangerous open water can be if we don’t pay enough attention.
Recent campaigns, highlighting the dangers of open water include RNLI’s ‘Respect the Water’ and ‘Float to Live’. Sadly, these campaigns are needed after the loss of life tragedies that have occurred in some areas of the country – particularly in bodies of water such as reservoirs. The devastating consequences of such accidents for the families and loved ones of the victims are heartbreaking.
As an Education Service, we are keen to get our youngsters enthused about their local water courses – but it is always a number one priority to make sure that they are staying safe whilst having fun! With that in mind, we have some exciting free online resources for our schools and colleges to use when teaching young people about water safety.