What our schools say about us

The session made the students think about how they use water and how they can help conserve it. Activities made them understand the water cycle.Epping St Johns School, 10th July 2019
Wow! What an amazing day! Thank you so very much. Informative, education and fun. Thanks to Jon and Sarah.Skyswood School, 5th July 2019
Fantastic, engaging and informative workshop. Thank youVaughan Primary School, 4th July 2019
It was engaging and the children enjoyed it. Lots of resources and valuable information.
Wheatfields Junior School, 3rd July 2019
What an amazing day. Jon and Jo were hand on with the children and provided so much information for the children to soak up. The resources were perfect for the age range as were the follow up resources. Great lunchtime challenge which the children and parents responded well too. Here are some of the children’s comments:
‘My favourite was the woodlands’.
‘Everything was fun!’
‘We won the GOLD award – hurrah!!!’
St Adrians School, St Albans, 3rd July 2019
Patient Staff and engaging activities. The children loved itTanners Wood School, 1st July 2019
This was an amazing experience for the children. They had never had the chance to pond dip and thoroughly enjoyed the day. The service provided was well organised and the children were engaged.Grange Primary School, 27th June 2019
The children were all engaged with excellent hands on activities. Thank you.Hertford St Andrew School, 26th June 2019
A fantastic day empowering our eco-warriors to make practical changes and save precious water resources. Lots of science skills and environmental knowledge gained.Ley Hill School, 25th June 2019
A fantastic day. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt loads. Very well organised. Great fun. Thank you.St Marys Church of England School, 25th June 2019
Fun way to learn about how not to waste water. I want to restart the day because it was so fun. So goo, every class should do it!Kingsway School, 21st June 2019
Even though it was pouring the class still really enjoyed the day. Lots of learning, lots of fun. Thank you.Hartsbourne Primary School, 10th June 2019
A well organised, age appropriate tri. Great hands on learning experience where children were engaged. Great to encourage lunch with no waste. Thank you.Harpenden Academy, 7th June 2019
We really enjoyed the pond dipping activity because we got the opportunity to find and learn about new creatures. It was extremely exciting to learn about healthy ponds and how some animals are sensitive to pollution. We would definitely visit again. Thanks for having us.Krishna Avanti Primary School, 6th June 2019
Our year 4 children had a fantastic day learning about how to use their water more effectively to avoid waste. The balance of talking and interactive activities was perfect and delivered clearly to engage the children from the start. I would definitely recommend these workshops as they really enhance the curriculum.Oliver Goldsmith, 5th June 2019
Brilliantly engaging and pitched just right for our year 3 group. Thank you so much 😊Chorley Wood Primary School, 5th June 2019
The children enjoyed the activities in the hall. Children engaged when Jo did the water related activity.Watchlytes School, 4th June 2019
Thank you for an amazing day. The children enjoyed all of the activities and they have all learnt so much. Thank you again to all of the fantastic team. Swing Gate School, 24th May 2019
What an interesting and hands on day. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and learnt so much. Thank you all so much. Wenlock junior School, 23rd May 2019
Thank you for a fun packed day. The children learnt a lot especially about saving water. Thank you 😊Highgate School, 21st May 2019
A fun, engaging way to consolidate and build on pupils learning. The activities also got us all thinking about what we can do to look after our rivers and save water.Lochinver House, 17th May 2019
Excellent 😊Whiteheath Junior School, 10th May 2019
The children had an amazing day filled with engaging activities that made them reflect on how they use water. The experiments, they particularly enjoyed, and being able to re create how water is cleaned.Mistley Norman C of E Primary school, 9th May 2019
Even though it was a very wet day the day was fun, fantastic and full of learning. Great facilities, great atmosphere, great staff. The kids learnt a lot.St Anselms School, 8th May 2019
Knowledgeable teachers made the activities interesting and easy to understand. Good work relating concepts to everyday life.Hartsfield Junior School, 2nd May 2019
WOW! What a fabulous day. Jo and her team were very informative and made learning fun and engaging.Chantry Primary, 1st May 2019
Brilliant, the team were fantastic at sharing key messages with the children and were really engaging.Chantry Primary, 30th April 2019
It was a fantastic day to have you in our school. The sessions were very informative and engaging. Learning through play allowed inclusion. By the end of the session our students were able to have a global perspective on water usage, collection and water wastage.Dwight School, 29th March 2019
Our learners enjoyed the engaging activities, giving them the chance TO LEARN NEW SKILLS. Their awareness of h ow to use water wisely has increase as a result of the visit. They engaged with Jon, asking sensible question and listening attentively during the assembly in the afternoon session.Pirton Hill Primary School, 28th March 2019
It was fun and adventurous. The activities taught us many things. It was good learning about plants. Now I really know not to wasted water. It made us learn more about habitats and the pond dipping. We learnt a bit about recycling. We should not waste water.Whitchurch Primary School, 27th March 2019
What a marvelous day Whitchurch had! A fantastic experience that complimented our science topic ‘habitats’ so well. Staff and organisation made the day run so smoothly and was equally enjoyed by all staff. Thank you. (Also the demonstrations really reinforced the learning).Whitchurch Primary School, 26th March 2019
The friendly, relaxed learning environment enabled all learners to feel safe and secure. This meant that they were confident to try all the activities and they were not concerned about making ‘mistakes’.Folkestone College, 23rd March 2019
From what I have heard from the pupils, they absolutely loved their day. I actually had a parent stop me today and say their child had not stopped talking about it and thanked me for arranging it. So, thank you very much!Woolenwick School, 21st March 2019
Karen was an inspiration to our children who learned so much about our local environment and the importance of a resource that we all take for granted. It was a super end of our Science week. Thank you.Elham Primary, 15th March 2019
Thank you for a fabulous and informative day of learning about rivers and water. The children have benefitted greatly.
Childs quote: I loved it when we went into the water treatment works. Little Redding School, 5th March 2019

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