What our schools say about us

The day was well organised and interactive for the children. The sessions were well planned and resources for all children including pre sending of resources for visually impaired child.Peartree Primary School – 28th June 2018
The children thoroughly enjoyed their day at Affinity Water. In particular there is one child in my class with SEN and the focus and engagement that he has shown in todays task is incredible. I have never seen him so engaged in a task all year. This has been a wonderful, memorable day for all the children and they have learnt so much. Thank you.St Anselms School – 27th June 2018
Year 5 student – age 10 years. “It was really cool to play with the pipes and use teamwork”.White Cliffs College for the Arts – 26th June 2018
The team at Affinity Water provided our children with a fun and informative morning on water uses and how to be economical with their own water use. The range of resources and projects available to support the session online are also very good.Langdon School – 25th June 2018
A fantastic day that was enjoyed by all. The children learnt a lot and so did the adults. Marlborough School – 22nd June 2018
Karen was fantastic! Excellent management of all the tasks. Really engaging activities, good feedback from all groups.Harcourt Primary School – 21st June 2018
We had a super educational day with the Affinity Water education team. Our children loved learning all about the wildlife, pond life and how to make good use of and not waste water. Thank you. St Teresa’s Catholic Primary School – 20th June 2018
We had an excellent day as it was well organised with a lot of child centred activities. Staff made sure that children were engaged and enjoyed each activity. Children were happy to learn new things and recap the old learning. Thanks a lot of for a good learning experience. Marlborough School – 15th June 2018
We enjoyed a thought provoking and practical workshop led by Jon, who explained everything carefully and enthusiastically. Thank you.Our Lady of Lourdes – 14th June 2018
We had a fantastic time. The children learnt a lot about the processing of water and how it doesn’t just come straight from the river and out of the tap. They were able to develop their understanding of environmental issues from the environment week we had in some context.St Andrews C of E School – 13th June 2018
“Thought it was very good and nice to go bug hunting”.
“I really liked the pond dipping”.
“I liked looking at all the bugs”.
“I liked it when I went pond dipping”.
Little Heath – 13th June 2018
Brilliant day with great hands on activities. Great instructions.St John Fisher – 12th June 2018
The whole day has been both educational and enjoyable. The children enjoyed all the activities and Sarah was fantastic. All resources used were high quality and it was even better to have free bottles and resources for all the children. Many thanksOttershaw School – 12th June 2018
An engaging session which allowed all levels of children to participate and left them with an understanding of the importance of conserving water.Summercroft School – 8th June 2018
A thoroughly enjoyable day for students and staff alike. Overheard numerous children say it was “the best trip ever!”.St Albert the Great – 8th June 2018
Thoroughly enjoyed every part of the day. Very informative and engaging Thank you.Grange Primary School – 7th June 2018
A fantastic day! All the activities were engaging and pupils enjoyed themselves very much!Grange Primary School – 6th June 2018
Amazing and fun day. Very engaging for children. They loved the day.St John Fisher School – 5th June 2018
“A brilliant day!”
“The pond dipping was exciting.”
“The pond dipping was outstanding and tremendous.”
“The whole day was fun.”
“The best school trip ever.”
Thank you
Swing Gate School – 25th May 2018
What a fantastic day we have had! The children were all very engaged and enthusiastic for the entire day. Thank you to Jon and Jo for a wonderful day. Trotts Hill – 24th May 2018
Sarah was a knowledgeable and engaging leader. Resources were well prepared and the activities were clearly explained. All the children took an active part in the investigations and clearly enjoyed the session. Thank you.Bournehall Primary School – 24th May 2018
Jon, a big thank you for coming into our school this week. I believe the children learnt a lot and really enjoyed the workshops. I know us teachers enjoyed it and appreciate all the work and effort you put into it too. Thanks. Whiteheath Junior School – 22nd May 2018
A really great day! Children have consolidated their learning and learnt new things. Jon was great host and was very engaging!Martins Wood – 18th May 2018
A super day, packed with learning opportunities. The girls had a fantastic day and staff ran the activities really well.St Helens Prep School – 16th May 2018
Hannah ran an excellent session. There was a really nice balance of active sessions and more settled group work. All pupils gave really positive reviews, they especially enjoyed the debate. Thank you so much for your time. Lots of fun and learning were had. The Harvey Grammar School – 10th May 2018
In general the visit was very informative and engaging. The children thoroughly enjoyed the visit and you can tell that the learning was fun and practical. Thank you for having us.Pinner Park Junior School – 1st May 2018
Jo was amazing. She engaged the children and was very thorough.Whitefriars School – 27th April 2018
The children had a great day! They were engaged, enthusiastic and learnt lots. Thank you to the team.Vaughan Primary School - 26th April 2018
An amazing day! We enjoyed fantastic activities and learned lots about how our water is cleaned. Thank you.Chantry Primary School - 24th & 25th April 2018
We really enjoyed the day today. The children learnt a lot and were made aware of preserving water and the planet in fun, educational and engaging activities.Queenswell Junior School - 23rd April 2018
Excellent very relevant session for Year 12 A level Geography students to support the water resources unit of work. The students thoroughly enjoyed the practical activities and were fully engaged at all time. Highly recommended.Sir John Lawes School - 18th April 2018

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